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Spinal Cord Injury


Introduction to Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury (SCI) is usually a result of trauma to the spine. This trauma causes a complete or incomplete tear of the spinal cord leading to loss of sensation and muscle power below the level of the injury. Spinal cord damage can also be due to other causes such as tumors and Spina bifida. The aims of physiotherapy treatment will differ in relation to the level of your spinal cord injury. Physiotherapy can help you reach and maintain your maximum physical potential and help in the management of other aspects of your condition. The physiotherapists at Meer PT understand that a spinal cord injury is a life changing event and affects both you and those around you. We are able to provide home, center and specialist gymnasium-based physiotherapy appointments.

What is a Spinal Cord Injury?

A spinal cord injury is a disturbance of the spinal cord that results in loss of sensation and/or mobility. This disturbance, or area of damage, is commonly referred to as a lesion. There are two common causes of spinal cord lesion:

* Trauma (road traffic accidents, falls etc.)
* Disease (spina bifida, tumors etc.)


Spinal cord injuries can be organized into two categories:

* Complete lesion – no function, voluntary movement or physical sensation below the level of the lesion. Both sides of the body are always equally affected.

* Incomplete lesion – the effects are variable dependent on the severity of the lesion. An individual may have more functioning or movement on one side of the body than the other, or may be able to feel parts of the body that cannot be moved.

In addition to a loss of sensation and motor function below the point of injury, individuals with spinal cord injuries will often experience other changes.

The Effects of Spinal Cord Injury

The effects of a spinal cord injury are dependent on the type and level of the lesion. Effects are seen below the level of a lesion and can present as a reduction or complete:

* loss of sensation
* loss of voluntary movement
* loss of proprioception (awareness of joint position in space)
* loss of bladder and bowel function
* loss of sexual function


Individuals also commonly experience:

* reduced ability to breathe deeply and cough
* pain
* muscular spasms

Physiotherapy for SCI

Meer PT can assist you to achieve your maximum physical potential by treating the problems that arise following a spinal cord injury. During your initial assessment you and your physiotherapist will discuss realistic short and long term goals. These goals will then be at the center of your rehabilitation. The physiotherapy treatment you receive will be dependent on your symptoms, your goals, and the location and severity of your spinal cord injury. Physiotherapy for patients with spinal cord injuries can include;

* exercises and stretches
* joint care
* pain control
* anticipating and minimizing secondary complications
* provision of equipment, orthoses, and wheelchairs
* advice for you and those caring for you on handling techniques
* teaching you how to use specialized exercise equipment
* teach transfers (getting in and out of a wheelchair, bed, car, shower/bath and onto and off a toilet).
* teaching wheelchair skills
* breathing exercises and chest clearance techniques
* referral to appropriate health professionals


The effects of physiotherapy can be:

* increased quality of life
* increased independence
* increased muscle strength
* increased energy levels
* reduced pain and muscle spasms
* reduced stiffness
* reduced risk of chest infections

Having a spinal cord injury is a life changing event for both you and your loved ones. At Meer PT we aim to make our treatment sessions effective and enjoyable. Many patients develop close relationships with our physiotherapists. This, combined with increased function and independence, allows our patients to lead as fulfilling lives as possible.

Why Meer PT

* Motivated, caring staff
* Unique treatment programs tailored to suit each individual
* No waiting lists
* Be seen in our center, at your home or in your care home
* Patients can be seen by more than one physiotherapist at once, if required
* Dedicated, patient centered approach * Specialist falls prevention program available
* Case management
* Proven track record

Meer PT provide private SCI physiotherapy services throughout Greater Amman. SCI physiotherapy treatment can be provided at home, care homes and in our physiotherapy center. Meer PT understand the difficulties experienced following a SCI and the impact it has on those close to you. Our dedicated, specialized staff can maximize your potential by working closely with you, your family and care givers. Following an initial assessment Meer PT will liaise with your GP, consultant and other medical professionals

Meer PT has helped many people following a SCI and their families.